Obey Man or Obey God?

One of the hardest things for a carnal Christian to understand is the concept of spiritual communication with God. The carnal Christian is firmly rooted in understanding all things according to the flesh. But in contrast, spiritual communication with God has nothing at all to do with the flesh. There is no reason or understanding involved. No five senses involvement or physical interaction. Communicating with God requires the Holy Spirit and in spite of apparent evidence from parapsychology, nothing can be proven. Walking by the spirit is nothing that can be tested and retested like a laboratory experiment. So, it is something that must be learned by experience through a walk of faith; the kind of faith that believes first, then realizes the fruit of the belief.

Some people call this form of believing, “blind faith,” but the truth is, it is not blind. It requires the ability to visualize the end result, have full belief that the end result will come to pass, and patience to allow the end result to happen. This is the core teaching of “The Secret.” Guess what? The world knows full well that it is invoking spiritual power, but it has no clue that the spiritual power it’s using is devilish. We claim to have a spiritual relationship with the true God, but we are also afraid to develop that relationship.

Having a true and full relationship with God is spiritual and not carnal. It involves learning the difference between empty, and powerless religion and the walk of faith with God. The two are not compatible even though religion is part of our learning process. There comes a point in the spiritual believer’s life when the knowledge of religion and it’s weaknesses become too apparent to be ignored any longer.

Why is it possible to follow all of the rules of religion to become a good person, yet it is never enough to please the leadership of the church?

How can it be explained that good people are persecuted, used, taken advantage of, and hated for their good, but the unscrupulous are celebrated, protected, and given every opportunity for advancement?

Why does it make no difference whether we vote Republican or Democrat in our elections because we are still moving steadily towards the full implementation of the New World Order? Yet when Donald Trump became President of the United States, both parties were united in their hatred against him, because he worked against the established world order.

If the New World Order is devilish, why are there Christians in support of it?

If the world denies God, why do they pray to God when something bad happens?

If God is a lie, how can He answer a prayer with a miracle?

If God doesn’t exist, why do Atheists hate Him with such a vengeance?

If you say you believe in God, does it mean the same thing as believing God directly?

If a devil believes in God, is there any hope for redemption for that devil?

If devil spirits are bad, then why do Christians turn to the Horoscope, Tarot, Palm Readers, and Psychics for answers instead of God?

If churches hold the answer to the truth, why is the truth so hidden and hard to understand?

If God’s power and understanding come by way of the Holy Spirit, then why do so many Christians have no knowledge or understanding of the way the Holy Spirit works?

If Christians have not been given the spirit of fear, why are we so fearful?

If the Holy Spirit was given to replace Jesus Christ as the Comforter, why is the average Christian left powerless, filled with questions, and unable to comprehend spiritual things?

If the written Word is the whole truth, why did Jesus Christ say that the Holy Spirit would give us all truth?

If the Holy Spirit does give us all truth, why do Christians limit their understanding of truth to either the written Word alone, or the revelation Word from the Holy Spirit alone? Why do we resist any attempt to consider both as coordinating aspects of a Godly check and balance against false doctrines?

Why do preachers universally implore Christians to study the Word of God, but refuse to divulge methods that allow that study? Why do they persist in allowing Bible study only when it results in agreement with church doctrine and never when it results in exposing false doctrines within the church?

If the spiritual walk of the Christian believer requires faith in the Holy Spirit’s revelation from God, why are we taught to be afraid of that revelation and hold no faith or believing in its Word?

Why are we taught instead that the “spiritual walk” is in reality, an enlightened walk of the flesh that grooms our flesh to become “spiritually acceptable” by way of good morals and good character?

If none of these questions are cause for any concern that you may not really have a handle on the truth that God wants you to know and understand, then you must be fully persuaded in the truth and doctrine of your church and stand apart from every other Christian who is still searching for understanding. But if any of these questions do in fact concern you, then I am inviting you to see how to develop your own personal and spiritual relationship with God the Father Almighty by way of the Holy Spirit that came from His Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He came to make salvation and wholeness possible by making the Holy Spirit available to anyone who believes not only in Him, but believes and acts upon His Word as their Lord.

This is the purpose of “Rules for Radical Christians: A Practical Primer for Defeating Radical Liberals at Their Own Game.” They are playing a spiritual game bent on defeating and overthrowing Christianity in our culture. If you love God at all, this should be a real concern for you on account of your children and grand children’s futures. If you have no clue how to engage in this spiritual battle for the souls of our future generations, this book is only the tip of the iceberg for understanding how and why we need to engage in this spiritual battle.

Every question above is easily answered, but the answer will not be easily acceptable. The book below reveals many of those answers.

Published by Power House Institute

I am a retired full time power plant mechanic. I am also a Radical Christian follower of God with 48 years of volunteer ministry service and training. I hold a degree as an Associate of Biblical Theology, and a Bachelor of Practical Ministry. I have volunteer experience as an Evangelist, property manager, set builder, stage electrician, musician, singer, conference security, food service distribution manager, and a former associate pastor for New Revelation Christian Development Center in Smyrna, TN. I am the founder of Power House Institute and Ministry and the author of Rules for Radical Christians: A Practical Primer for Defeating Radical Liberals at Their Own Game. I believe every born again Christian has the ability interact with God Almighty by way of His Holy Spirit and this is Radical Christianity. It is my mission to encourage and empower spiritual greatness in every Christian believer, no matter which brand of Christianity they choose to follow. By doing so, change the world around us, and the culture we live within. I believe Radical Christians are part of every Christian church in the world. If we want to restore morality, Radical Christians are the only answer for recovery. I want my book and this blog become a powerful and winning influence against Atheist liberalism. We can restore our culture through the combined power and influence of God at work in the lives of Radical Christians everywhere.

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