Disagreements are Good

Have you noticed the atmosphere of politically correct sameness today? We’ve endured four years of one sided hatred against a standing President. No good thing was ever reported about President Trump. On the day he was elected, the media declared an all out war against him, by calling for his impeachment. It was only a matter of time, the question was never why or how, but when. When the impeachment finally happened, the vote was nearly entirely partisan with the exception of one Republican, (Mitt Romney), that voted for the impeachment. As the Democratic Party is largely liberal and the Republican Party is largely conservative, our country has become polarized and divided. It may seem that the disagreements are bad for our country, but the reality is, the disagreements are good, but only as long as there is a constructive discourse. But therein lies our country’s problem. The respect for a true open discourse between liberals and conservatives is just not there. Instead, the two sides are polarizing and discussions are more closely like demands for capitulation than discussions for reconciliation.

We’ve become so divided that the polarized opinions within a typical group of friends have divided friendships and have threatened to divide families. If this is the freedom and liberty promised by the liberals is the one we are supposed to have, I believe I have a right and responsibility to ask one question. Why is the discourse so one-sided and God absent? Look at the media, the talk is all about a woman’s right to choose, returning health care to Obamacare, and restoring the economic status quo of the Pre-Trump Era. The conservative voice is strangely silent. It’s as though there is no conservative voice at all. There is very little public evangelical talk either. The world has corralled the conservative community into its own little corner to communicate their fears, conspiracy’s, and talk of defeating the New World Order only among their own circle, and away of the world’s and our children’s ears. The liberal community has even gone so far as to allow books that support any liberal agenda into our public libraries and schools, but limit or restrict God fearing and conservative content. It is censorship from within the “free-speech” protagonists. That is, they demand the freedom to say anything they want, but they also reserve the right to limit the voice of dissenters. So there is really no “free-speech,” only politically correct speech.

So what is the real story behind the successful movement to defeat Donald Trump? It is the same spiritual battle I’ve been talking about all along. They personalized and targeted President Trump not because of his abilities or his inabilities. He was simply the most recent open conservative to take office without their approval. Have you noticed that even the Republican Party openly spoke against the President? So the battle is clearly NOT a battle between Democrats and Republicans. That battle is a “black flag” operation. There is really no battle between the two parties behind the Washington backdrop of politics. Both are working for the same financiers, bankers, or supporters. The “black flag” serves only to divert our attention away from the real battle behind the scenes. To those of you that have a strong and Scripturally supported relationship with God, you have to ask God alone for confirmation of these statements and revelation of the true goal of the principalities and powers at work behind the scenes. Remember this verse?

Ephesians 6: 12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Almost anyone who believes the Bible should know this verse. However, they may not really understand how it applies to life today because we are so conditioned to look at things as right and wrong. The truth is, our lives cannot be arranged in right and wrong boxes. There are too many grey areas in between. If we choose to believe that one party is right, then that means that the other party is wrong. What happens if both parties are wrong? Then, what is right? If we say our church has all of the right answers, what happens if another church has a different answer? If both answers are doctrinally supported, does that mean one doctrine is right and the other is wrong? What if both are right? Could that be possible? Or is it more probable that both could be wrong? Are you getting a picture of the problem when we consider things according to the boxes we understand by our flesh? The answer is not the right or wrong we understand by our flesh but the one identified by this next verse in Scripture.

Ephesians 6: 13 “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

Consider this, staunch liberals believe that a great victory was won by defeating President Trump. On the other hand staunch conservatives believe that a great defeat has happened. But both of these people worship the same God in the same church believing that their opinion is right and correct according to the things they believe are true. But today, neither will speak to the other. Neither will give any consideration to the other’s opinion. There is no meaningful discourse between the two extremes so no hope of compromise or agreement. Each side truly and completely believes that they alone are correct and knows the truth, but both have rejected the way of the Spirit of God and faith and have embraced the way of the flesh and scientific, mental assent, instead of true believing, which is faith in God and His Word.

I talked about the way our culture became enamored of the doctrines of the devil and rejected the truth of God. But the saddest truth about our decline into darkness is the fact that the darkness shrouded itself as light and church doctrine. But all the while, dividing believers from believers. It first reared its ugly head, when the Messianic Jews of the first century were separated from the Gentile believers. The warnings John gave concerning the synagogue of Satan to the church in Smyrna, and the church in Philadelphia weren’t heeded or understood because both of them, were Gentile churches.

Revelation 2: 9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

Revelation 3: 9 “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

Those who are of the synagogue of Satan were Jews that came in among Gentile believers and taught of the need to follow the Law of Moses as part of their doctrine even though the question of following the Law was answered in Acts 15.

Acts 15: 20 “But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.”

At this time, the apostles agreed on this doctrine for the Gentile believers, they did not place the yoke of the Law on the Gentiles. They knew the Gentiles were believers because the Holy Spirit made itself known by the manifestation of tongues or prophecy, The Jews knew the Gentiles were saved because the Holy Spirit proved itself. That was the standard manner of knowing who believed and who didn’t believe when the apostles led the early church. Simply making a confession of belief and getting baptized wasn’t enough. This was clearly shown in Acts chapter 8, but most of us have never been shown this section of Acts at all. So the disagreements about the value of speaking in tongues still rages in the church today. If you say you believe the Word of God, then it’s your responsibility to believe the Word when you are presented with Biblical evidence or given a chance to know the truth. Here are your two choices:

  1. Believe the church without question when you are told that the Holy Spirit is no longer needed today. It died with the apostles, (the Holy Spirit or the evidence of the Holy Spirit). And there is no need for signs, miracles, or wonders in the church any more.
  2. Believe the Word of God when it shows that signs, miracles, and wonders are part of the Christian walk. The manifestations of the Holy Spirit are still alive and operational for any believer to utilize today. And the Holy Spirit is necessary and relevant for believers to succeed in their walk in faith.

The world hates Christianity, because too many Christians walk by the flesh in religious hypocrisy. The world knows it, but we seem to ignore this fact. The church is afraid of the spiritual walk with God, because then, the believer makes Jesus Christ their Lord instead of human, church leadership. Keeping the value, relevance, and power of the Holy Spirit a secret from Christian believers is the goal of devilish doctrines in order to keep us powerless against the principalities and powers of the world. It’s all about the control of our minds and our allegiance. Because when we know how powerfully God works in our personal life, we can’t help but share that power with others to help their lives. But someone has to communicate the truth before anyone else can get a chance to believe in the truth. The disagreement is not the issue. It’s the lack of communication to find the truth and expose the devilish lie. That is the issue.

Look at this section of Acts 8: 13 – 19.

13 “Then Simon himself believed (G4100 pisteuō) also: and when he was baptized (G907 baptizō), he continued with Philip, and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs which were done.

This is the state of the normal Christian today. We believe and are baptized. But we also wonder and behold the miracles and signs that a few church leaders may do.

14 Now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received (G1209 dechomai) the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John:

Simon and the Samaritans received the Word of God. But this dechomai receiving is merely mental assent. It’s no different than when we hear, and agree with the Word we hear, but it is not the same as the “receive” in the next verse.

15 Who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive (G2983 lambanō) the Holy Ghost:

This is a fuller kind of “receive” where evidence is shown that something is different. This “receive” displays proof that something was “received.” And the proof is not water baptism. Remember, the Samaritans were water baptized. They did not show the proof of receiving the Holy Spirit.

16 (For as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized (G907 baptizō) in the name of the Lord Jesus.)

The Samaritans confessed their belief in Jesus and were baptized in water, but there was no proof that they had the Holy Spirit dwelling within them. Phillip expected to see something, and it wasn’t there, so he communicated to the apostles in Jerusalem and they sent Peter and John to find out what happened.

17 Then laid they their hands on them, and they received (G2983 lambanō) the Holy Ghost.

When Peter and John laid their hands on the Samaritans, they were ministering to them. The power of sorcery and witchcraft in the area and on the lives of the people was strong enough to prevent the Holy Spirit from coming upon these new believers. This is the power behind mere “mental assent.” It looks and feels like true believing, but the spiritual power of God is not present. It’s still only a mind game and without true Godly power. All of the religious rules are being followed. They are doing everything right according to the flesh, but not according to the Spirit of God.

18 And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles’ hands the Holy Ghost was given (G1325 didōmi), he offered them money,

Simon himself saw that the Holy Spirit proved its presence when God gave the gift to the believer. The gift is not the proof. The gift is the Holy Spirit and the proof showed that the Holy Spirit was present. Philip expected to see some proof that the Holy Spirit was present and when the proof did not present itself, even though all of the religious rituals were followed, he was concerned enough to get the apostles in Jerusalem involved. The Samaritans received (dechomai) the Word of God and demonstrated they believed by confessing their belief and getting baptized in water, but nothing else happened. This is exactly how far the Christian church of today goes, but we are NOT concerned at all. When the Holy Spirit is truly present, it proves its presence. Even Simon the Sorcerer could see the proof.

19 Saying, Give me also this power (G1849 exousia), that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive (G2983 lambanō) the Holy Ghost.” (italicized Greek words added to show where and what they were)

Simon wanted the authority to minister the Holy Spirit to anyone he ministered, but he did not understand that the authority came from God and the power only goes to believers. Ministering with God is exercising spiritual power. In this particular situation, so the Samaritans could progress beyond mere mental assent to accept God’s Holy Spirit and His spiritual power into their heart and life. When God’s Spirit enters your heart and life, it must always prove its presence in some manner. It’s not enough to know the Word of God, believe it with your mind, and follow all of the rules of doctrine to be saved. You must have the Holy Spirit to be saved and know you have the Holy Spirit in your life. This section of scripture doesn’t say that the Samaritans spoke in tongues or prophesied. But it does say that the proof was visible. Everyone could tell the difference and it was more than a mere confession and baptism. The conversions, confessions, and baptisms all came after the demonstration of God’s spiritual power through signs, miracles, and wonders. When the Holy Spirit enters your life, it also comes with signs to prove you have the Spirit within you. God wants all of His children to know they are born spiritually into His family without any doubt at all.

It’s totally fine with me if you reject Speaking in Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, and Prophecy. God can still prove He is within you through Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits, Faith, Miracles, and Gifts of Healings. (1 Cor 12: 8 – 10) It’s not how He proves His presence that is important, but that He proves His presence. The proof is not the gift. The Holy Spirit is the gift. That is why the “manifestations” are being wrongly taught today as the “gifts.” The Word clearly states that these nine things are the “manifestation of the Spirit.” (1 Cor 12: 7) My question to you is simply this. How has God proven Himself to you that makes you know you have the Holy Spirit? How many of these nine proofs have you experienced in your life? How many do you want to be able to utilize in your life. There is a purpose for every one of them, otherwise, why would God make sure Paul enumerated all of them for our benefit today?

Your choice of proof is simple. It has to be one or a combination of these nine things and these nine things are not “gifts of the spirit” as so many churches teach today. It is the Holy Spirit that is the Gift and you can only get the Gift through Jesus Christ. Any other manner by any other means of receiving spiritual power without Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God, is a deception of the world. If you choose to reject these nine Biblically stated proofs of the presence of the Holy Spirit, that is your prerogative. But I still reserve my right to speak and teach the things that the written Scripture states. I only state that if you want to receive and experience the spiritual power of God, then you must believe and do it according to the revelation of the Word of God and that’s what sets us apart from the world. We choose to believe and act in alignment with God’s Word and now, that brings me back to the most recent election of 2020.

The problems of our nation have been blamed on one man for the last four years. He has been successfully removed from office. Is it really logical to believe that all of our national problems came about only in the last four years by this one man? If the problems that led to this man’s rise to office four years ago existed previous to his election, then why do we believe that going back to the administration style that caused all of our problems, will solve those problems? If removing a praying, conservative, (maybe even ultra-conservative) man will bring order back to our nation. Then are we choosing to return to the acceptable world order that we rejected four years ago? Could our nation really be as corrupt as President Trump has alleged? If that is really the case, then the need to hear and act on God’s voice will become more important in a Christian’s life than ever before.

I know that some of my former ministry friends proudly support and voted for the new President Elect. Have I lost these people as my friends because I remain conservative? To the degree that they do not want to hear or read anything that does not support their position, will I lose them in my audience? As it is clear that they feel they have a right to speak their mind. Will they do so by closing their ears to anything I may have to say? If that is the case, then they have chosen to cut the ties of communication with me. They may feel it is to my loss, but the loss is not mine, but theirs. They have chosen to segregate themselves from learning and understanding my dissenting position. If they will have no compassion for me, is this really the Godly example for living? Are we choosing to follow the world’s lead into self-destruction? Time will tell whether our free right to speak God’s truth and demonstrate God’s power will continue.

If the time comes when God tells us to protect our lives from impending evil, then we will know we made the wrong choice. However, as long as we are free and able to speak, teach, and demonstrate God’s love and power, then we will know that God is still working to keep our nation safe from harm. Change and disagreements are good, let’s simply continue to communicate with one another on both sides of the political fence to find and reach that middle road of compromise that doesn’t completely alienate everyone. The extremism must end if we really want to achieve peace with one another. But if you want to achieve peace with yourself and God, check out this book below or ask your local librarian to get one for the public collection before it becomes impossible for any conservative Christian writer to get something new out in a liberal public library system.

Published by Power House Institute

I am a retired full time power plant mechanic. I am also a Radical Christian follower of God with 48 years of volunteer ministry service and training. I hold a degree as an Associate of Biblical Theology, and a Bachelor of Practical Ministry. I have volunteer experience as an Evangelist, property manager, set builder, stage electrician, musician, singer, conference security, food service distribution manager, and a former associate pastor for New Revelation Christian Development Center in Smyrna, TN. I am the founder of Power House Institute and Ministry and the author of Rules for Radical Christians: A Practical Primer for Defeating Radical Liberals at Their Own Game. I believe every born again Christian has the ability interact with God Almighty by way of His Holy Spirit and this is Radical Christianity. It is my mission to encourage and empower spiritual greatness in every Christian believer, no matter which brand of Christianity they choose to follow. By doing so, change the world around us, and the culture we live within. I believe Radical Christians are part of every Christian church in the world. If we want to restore morality, Radical Christians are the only answer for recovery. I want my book and this blog become a powerful and winning influence against Atheist liberalism. We can restore our culture through the combined power and influence of God at work in the lives of Radical Christians everywhere.

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