Called and Imperfect.

There is a misconception present in religion that is true in every religion, whether Christian or non-Christian.

Only the perfect and initiated are called to learn the secrets of leadership.

When you look at the people that are trained to lead, you will find that this statement is universal. Of course, desire is part of the picture, but desire alone isn’t enough for a person to be “called” into the ranks of trained leadership in religion. They must be proven to the leadership of the religion in order to be “called.” They have to show an intense desire to uphold the precepts of the religion. You can fill in the blank as far as which religion is in question. It can be Jewish, Muslim, American Indian, Bahai, Buddhist, or Christian. Every religion is truly the same in this regard. You must be “called” by the leadership of the religion before you can become trained, then allowed to lead. This also breeds an attitude of elitism among the body of leaders that only serves to set them apart from everybody else.

Why am I implicating is this form of “calling” as a misconception? It completely removes God from the picture and places man as the true head of every religious order in the world. In this respect, the liberal push of the New Age Movement is absolutely correct in stating that Christian religion is no different from any other religion in the world. They have recognized the truth that Christian religion is simply another religion of man.

When man becomes the god of the church, only those who obey the doctrines and traditions of the church will ever be allowed to teach. This is how the continuity of doctrines, laws, traditions, and unique habits for a particular body of followers remains consistent. If you want to know why it is so easy to recognize the Amish, Orthodox Jews, or a Muslim woman wearing a hajib, this is the reason why. People, who are called by people, to teach or live a particular set of habits must abide by the rules they profess to follow. There is nothing right or wrong about the calling of men to teach the doctrines of men to other people. God knew that mankind is hardwired to follow other men. That is why The Law came to men through Moses, (another man).

But here is where the change begins. Jesus Christ demonstrated a different way for every believer to walk with God. He didn’t stop with the demonstration alone, but He also appropriated His power and authority onto His followers to do the same thing He did on at least two occasions. He gave the example, then allowed His disciples to go forth and spread the good news of the Kingdom and perform miracles in His name. At one point, Jesus sent out the twelve disciples, at another point, He sent out seventy. The only difference between the two groups is this. Jesus called the twelve to follow Him. The majority of the seventy chose to follow Jesus because they knew and experienced His ministry. They weren’t personally called by Jesus to follow Him like the twelve. They were just like most of us. They were simply attracted to Jesus and His ministry by whatever motivated them to follow Him.

Jesus called and trained His original twelve apostles Himself. This is an example that mirrors the normal way religious leaders replicate themselves. Every religion of the world uses this method to recognize and train their leadership. This is proof that God recognizes the value of men, recognizing and calling men, to the work of His Kingdom. (See Mat 10: 1, 5 – 15, Mar 6: 7 – 13, and Luk 9: 1 – 6)

But that only applies to the twelve, what about the seventy? These people followed Jesus by their own free will. They chose to listen to Jesus and when He made the need known, they answered His call to send out people to preach the Kingdom of God. They answered an open call to serve by their own free will and desire. (See Luk 10: 1 – 12, 16 and 17) The greater group answered Jesus’ call and served by going out as they were told by Him and they also saw great miracles. It’s true that Jesus appointed the seventy, but when many will answer a call, the Lord Himself will instruct and send out those whom He will. What was true in this example is still true today.

The seventy answered a call to serve the gospel of the Kingdom of God from Jesus Christ directly. The call was openly given to everyone who followed the Lord Jesus Christ even those who were not part of the leadership circle of the twelve. From all who answered, Jesus appointed, (commissioned, ordained), seventy. They had specific instructions to follow and were supplied with things to watch for and what to do in different situations.

This is the calling we all enjoy as Radical Christians. We chose to follow Jesus and make Him our Lord. We learn to hear and recognize Jesus’ voice in our hearts. As we become more and more certain that we are able to hear and obey Jesus directly, we are able to learn and follow his direct instructions to us. (See Acts 10: 19, 20) While Jesus chose His twelve disciples just like religious leaders all around the world does, He allows anyone who desires to listen and obey Him to serve and lead also. We are not called by men because we are perfect already, we are called by Jesus in our imperfection.

Psalm 103: 13, 14 “The LORD is like a father to his children,
tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

For he knows how weak we are;
he remembers we are only dust.” (NLT)

Jesus knows we are not perfect. He loves us anyway. Jesus doesn’t speak to us because we deserve it. He speaks to us because He can. Jesus doesn’t wait for us to choose to follow before he asks us to serve. We’ve already chosen to follow Him, when we became born again. Our choice is to make Him our Lord, after we’ve chosen to follow Him. This requires a spiritual relationship that carnal Christianity is afraid to experience and unwilling to understand. Radical Christianity is all about having faith in God through the Holy Spirit.

Carnal Christianity is all about having faith in the doctrines and traditions of the church. With so many different Christian religious systems, it’s painfully obvious that none can claim to have the one true path of truth, but all make that claim to their followers. Here is one big difference between carnal Christianity and Radical Christianity. Carnal Christianity raises up a small group of leaders that insure the continuity of their doctrine and raises up followers to that doctrine. Radical Christianity is all about a personal relationship between the believer and Jesus Christ that builds faith in the Holy Spirit.

The word carnal appears only nine times in the Word of God. Here is the link to the Blue Letter Bible site that will allow a word study on “carnal”, G4559, (sarkikos). ( You can click the link and it will open the page that shows every way that G4559 is used and every place where it is found. What will these verses show you? Only that there is a difference between carnal believers who walk by the flesh, and spiritual believers who walk by the Holy Spirit.

Without exception, every Christian believes that they are walking by the Holy Spirit. I was one of those Christians who truly believed that I knew how to walk by the Spirit. It was based upon the doctrines I knew and the Scriptures I believed I understood. But until I put into practice the steps I learned in Rules for Radical Christians: A Practical Primer for Defeating Radical Liberals at Their Own Game I was only walking according to the rules of men. It was the hardest lesson of all for me, a conservative, religious Christian to learn. I was mistaking the walk of obedience to the flesh with the walk of the Spirit.

I had to learn how to truly trust God by the Spirit, and none of my religious training could teach me how to have faith in the Holy Spirit. The first thing I had to learn was the clear and separate difference between the logic of reason and faith. Faith in the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with the logic of the flesh. The Holy Spirit will nearly always require you to trust in the unknown that makes no promises of gain or safety. It is only by obedience to the revelation of the Spirit that trust in its goodness is built. But I, as a religious Christian had to figure everything out the hard way, the school of hard knocks.

I knew there were preachers who knew how to walk in faith, but they did not really know how to lead me to do the same. They truthfully said, “You only need faith.” But at the same time, they didn’t know any process to lead me to greater faith. They only said it was a “gift of God, and that I had the full measure by the Holy Spirit.” The only problem was that the two phrases together made no sense. I was like the father with the boy that had a dumb spirit, in Mark 9: 24. I had to pray the same prayer to God, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” God had to begin teaching me from the simple point of desire.

I had to let Him know that I wanted to learn. Then He revealed the process to me one step at a time. Then as I taught the process to others, I began to see that the details of the process were variable, but the process is the key. God didn’t teach me because I was already perfect like men and women are called to the ministry in church. God taught me because I wanted to learn how to have faith in Him directly and I finally realized that I had nowhere else to turn but to Him. Nobody had a process to help me learn how to have faith in God. They only had a process for me to learn how to put my faith in men, and their process was filled with pitfalls for failure.

Men will call and teach the secrets of leadership only to those that they deem perfect enough to teach. Everyone else is expected to serve and follow. God on the other hand calls and teaches anyone who wants to love and trust Him. You’re not expected to be perfect because He already knows you’re not. He knows our perfection is only possible two ways: as we live in obedience to Jesus Christ’s revelation and not by own reason, or when Christ returns and we are changed into His likeness. In this life, we walk perfectly only as we walk in faith. Yet God is merciful and loving to cover and forgive those times when we walk by our reason or flesh. The walk of logic and reason according to our flesh is the walk of sin because as we walk by our own thoughts and reason, we are making ourselves, our own god.

This is why God calls us in our unrighteousness, our imperfection and brings us up to perfection in Christ. Religion, being a construction of reason, by the logic of men, can never bring us up to the spirit. It tries to groom our flesh to attain their acceptable form of perfection according to the dogma of the group we follow. It is a schoolmaster meant to lead us to the spirit, however, religious dogma is fully grounded in logic. It is the fulfillment of this verse.

2 Timothy 3: 7 “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

The knowledge of the truth only comes by the Holy Spirit. As you learn to walk by the Spirit of Truth, God gives you the truth you need as you need it. When you walk on that truth, you are making Jesus Christ your Lord. You are living in obedience to Him and by that obedience, glorifying God. You will be experiencing the promise He made to His disciples.

John 16: 13 “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”

This is how my family is able to survive without adequate income. This is how we are able to have enough fuel to last until our next, new source of income kicked in. This is how God can keep you safe in times of trouble too. This is the reason why I wrote this book. To help anyone who wants to walk with God, learn the process in safety while worshiping in the manner they like. Church doctrine is clearly not universal, but God is. Church dogma only affects those who follow that dogma, but the Holy Spirit unites everyone within the Body of Christ. Church leadership only trains the perfect into the secrets of leadership. God teaches every believer who walks in faith by the Holy Spirit the secrets of Spiritual Power.

You have the choice by your free will. You have the ability in the Holy Spirit. You have the authority in Christ. All you’ve ever needed was a process to learn how to build your faith in God. Because only God is able to raise us up from fear and corruption to fearless perfection by the Walk of the Spirit in faith. God doesn’t call you because you are perfect. He calls you because you are imperfect so He can prove He is your strength and sufficiency. Through Him, you will be able to overcome the world in spite of human weakness and imperfection. He didn’t call you to leave your church. He called you to be a shining example of His love, as He delivers you in every way, in your church. That is what the book below reveals and if you are blessed by the book; thank you for voting for the book at the following link as well.

Published by Power House Institute

I am a retired full time power plant mechanic. I am also a Radical Christian follower of God with 48 years of volunteer ministry service and training. I hold a degree as an Associate of Biblical Theology, and a Bachelor of Practical Ministry. I have volunteer experience as an Evangelist, property manager, set builder, stage electrician, musician, singer, conference security, food service distribution manager, and a former associate pastor for New Revelation Christian Development Center in Smyrna, TN. I am the founder of Power House Institute and Ministry and the author of Rules for Radical Christians: A Practical Primer for Defeating Radical Liberals at Their Own Game. I believe every born again Christian has the ability interact with God Almighty by way of His Holy Spirit and this is Radical Christianity. It is my mission to encourage and empower spiritual greatness in every Christian believer, no matter which brand of Christianity they choose to follow. By doing so, change the world around us, and the culture we live within. I believe Radical Christians are part of every Christian church in the world. If we want to restore morality, Radical Christians are the only answer for recovery. I want my book and this blog become a powerful and winning influence against Atheist liberalism. We can restore our culture through the combined power and influence of God at work in the lives of Radical Christians everywhere.

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