You are a Leader!

Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader?

Really, have you ever given it any thought at all? There are only two kinds of leaders. Which of these two kinds are you? There is the born leader and then there is the called leader. Born leaders also come in two flavors. The natural leader attracts people around them. They know they are great and people are magnetically attracted to follow them. Whether good, (Mahatma Ghandi) or bad, (Adolf Hitler) they are simply born to lead. Then there is the born leader that is reluctant to lead but finds they simply must out of duty or honor, (Neil Armstrong).

The called leader may be one who is eager to lead or reluctant to lead but does so out of obedience to a higher power. That power may be of God, (Gideon) or man, (name an appointed judge) but the called leader does so out of love and respect for the one who called them. So let’s consider the opening question. Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader?

Every single mom or dad is a called leader of their children. Are you a single mom or dad? Then you are a leader! Are you a shift or crew leader at work? Then you are a leader. Do you have any friends on Facebook? Guess what, you’re a leader. Leading doesn’t mean bossing, but simply that you have people that watch or follow you as you live life. You may even have people watching you simply because of the way you decorate your home at Christmastime. Does anyone in your neighborhood copy the decoration scheme you do, or the flowers you plant? Then you are a leader.

A minister once told me that my time to lead is not now but some time in the future. “Your time will come!” is what they said. They simply couldn’t understand that I was already leading. They just didn’t know what my leadership looked like. Maybe it was too much like the way you are leading too. See you are a leader!

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