Cultural Endgame

If you are a liberal, these are perilous times for your agenda and doctrine. President Trump has decimated the existing support structure put in place during the last 80 years of social reform. If your a conservative, these are times for rejoicing. President Trump has decimated the existing support structure put in place during the last 80 years of social reform.

But no matter which side of the political spectrum you believe you belong, if you believe in God, do you truly believe that your agenda and doctrine for social reform align with His desires? Until 2016, Liberals truly were on a roll against moral Christianity. White middle class conservatives were getting culturally beaten up in every area of life. It really looked like the Liberals were riding a wave of blessing from God Almighty, even though they denied God’s very existence. They were proving in every way that religion is powerless and dead. At the same time they believed that they were proving that God was a mere religious construct of man’s ignorance.

However, God is not a mere construct of man’s mind to explain scientific phenomenon we can explain today without using religion as the supporting crutch. God is spiritual! That is the very point where religion and truth separate. If you believe in God, but not in His ability to speak to you personally, your God is the religious God that Liberals hate. The God of the Radical Christian is a God of Power, Love, Miracles, and a personal spiritual relationship.

This is the God that determined the result of the 2016 election of President Trump that Liberals cannot explain and many Christians cannot understand. If you are a conservative Christian, maybe it behooves you to support the candidate that God has placed into the highest office of the land with prayers. He may need your spiritual support now during this time of his crisis in office.

The Liberal endgame has been rolled back. So far, it is only a setback for them. If you want to restore morality and sanity back to the American culture, this temporary setback must become a more permanent rollback to the conservative values that built America and made it so strong. Maybe even a return to the spiritual belief in a truly interactive God of mercy, power, and love in the lives of His Believers. “Rules for Radical Christians” show how to build that level of trust in Him for every Christian’s life. Then, you will personally know whether you are living in alignment with God’s desires for your life and your culture.

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