What Miracle have you Experienced Today?

I once had a minister tell me that Christians should never expect to live in need of miracles all of the time. His message was simply that your own intelligence, labor, and business acumen were enough for God to bless your life and allow you to live in prosperity. Your own work ethic and labor, were all that you need to grow in influence in your own church and community and by that, you are able to bless the church with your tithes and build the kingdom of God.

What the minister didn’t say, was that one of his own trusted friends had made it clear that he would NOT do anything with me or my wife within the church. All efforts to lead or participate from this point in time forwards were quietly denied. There were no more opportunities to coach children in the church. There were no more opportunities to lead teens in the church. There were no more opportunities to lead a home fellowship in the church. All despite completion of the ministry training course led by the head minister. It appears that childhood friendships can trump the natural desire to grow into church leadership and influence.

How can I make this statement? The trusted friend, was a childhood friend that had no ministry experience or training but that which came from the church led by the minister in question. I however, by this time held two degrees from two different Bible colleges. (An Associate in Biblical Theology, and a Bachelors in Practical Ministry) The second degree came from the class the minister in question led himself. All this and previous experience as an evangelist, a teacher, a mentor, and proven experience in healing by way of prayer in Jesus’ name.

So intelligence, training, work ethic, labor, previous spiritual experience and church service really meant nothing when pitted against childhood friendship. Would you consider this to be a spiritually led church or a carnally led church? When you add that this author was also continually experiencing miracles financially to stay solvent at the time and now we return to the beginning of this blog. My question is, “If every measure of God’s grace is met and prosperity is met with God’s help, (miracles) why does this disqualify an individual from church leadership?” Maybe this minister has chosen to build his church by the standard of the world instead of the standard of the Word. Just saying!

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